SEE our mechanical Design webSite The First and currently only Recreationalized Vehicle AND Audiologic Video capable destination specializing in stage effect preproduction realtime processing by interface selections.

'rare Vintage Must Microphone' 'Rare Vintage EV K20 Ribbon Microphone'

Located only 1-1/4 miles from town: CRiVITZ, WISCONSIN, a pleasant drive on private road along the Peshtigo river which runs through and around the town of Crivitz, Wisconsin, the gateway to the north woods, this high security gated agricultural setting overlooks the Peshtigo with stunning view and outbuilding second story analog sound recording studio. Extensive Video and surround sound mixing and movie dvd re-mixes. On Pestigo River gently sloping river with a riffle and fly fishing for brown trout on a unique moated like access landscape and weedless lawns. Check out our equipment available list coming soon. Dozens of very rare microphones for broadcast voice enhancement or film, movie, video, & acting voice makeovers. Above Electrovoice Ribbon K20 and Must microphones.

'Bridged Moat South RV Entry ' 'Gated Plateau Peshtigo Landing area North RV Entry ' 'Main Office and Bar / Home theater '

Drive in through authentic Beaux Art 14-1/2 foot clear gates and down to river level if desired and park. 1-3/4 mile from small aircraft airport. $10/night. No frills, just good company and plenty of privacy and seclusion. Available hovercraft, pair of 4-wheelers motorcycle, snow plow, woodworking shop and all underground utilities. Home theater in cedar log cabin. A level of hospitality unheard of in any large RV park. We can help musicians get their signiture sound, record shareholder presentations and video to icloud upload your special memories and life history to pass on when you do to relatives. In a time when many choose to scatter their ashes to the wind, this kind of service and extended stay accomodation planning is our vision of a business plan that will work for both of us! $10/night

Appointments are neccessary to comply with laws concerning any food and beverage we might share with you as part of our hospitality and this lets us avoid the difficulty of being inspected and licensed as a formal business. The understanding we have is that here at Cibalba - you are guests, not just called guests, but truly private guests. What does the name Cibalba mean? The name harkens back to Mayan history and the owner's research on the meaning of the scientific aspects of the trading civilization in Guatemala and the Yucatan that left behind a legend of seven lost cities of gold, far to the north, across the Great Plains. ( Misprounounced we believe as Cibola by a french speaking African who was interpreting Mayan language without any real study of their culture). The Mayan word Xibalba - prounouced SHE - bal - ba was slurred into a french accent at the end of the word as is typical of french intonation, and became CEEBOLA. This word with this OLA end never appears anywhere else in history and it is likely the common religion which centers the milky way's black hole as an afterlife destination is the real seven cities of gold to the north. Because we can help record anyone's thoughts and life experiences, we thought that CIBALBA is to be a great name to envoke the passing of knowledge (gold) and the seven (many) experiences and explorative adventures that await if you are living in southern USA parks and want to escape the heat by doing a complete crossing of the Great Plains.