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The difference between us, city retail or expensive studio record labels.
Truth be told, we value the difference between us and the other guys simply by how long and involved it gets to do what we do!.......... We compare it to living on a nice quiet lake. There is always that fat guy next door with a eight horse engine that can get around faster. It justs costs quite a bit more. Then there is us, with the old three horse, beat up; can't get or want to get parts. It takes a half hour to hug the trees and the shore and tour the antique cottages, but you get to ride, to see more than a sitting area, and maybe your golden retriever stands up front in the breeze. You start to notice you go out more than the kid next door, who is more into cruising in his converable corvette anyway. We think anyone can buy growth, pricey equipment that won't stand a chance in cold storage of Wisconsin winters, and that they don't have time to get to understand or explain even if they do understand to a customer. There are remote microphones and close up near field microphones. Together they squeel and squelch. Is combining them not worth the trouble of a road trip? Are quality improvements to your standard gear going to happen at retail stores? Fast track? No thanks. We can't resell most of what we collect because we can't easily replace it. There are many acceptable sound profiles. Its more a matter of how you do it. As MTV video said, that's not workin, that's the way you do it. Or screw it. (up) Here are two sound samples - one is modern equipment with a fine ribbon microphone. The other is another recording using a high impedance older ribbon microphone but the recording studio forgot to use a high impedance preamplifier or input transformer. Which is better? We can't say but it is unfair to say the older mic does not sparkle or have as high a frequency bandwidth. Sometimes less bandwidth, especially at very high volume levels is better. Those spectrum responses change depending on the feedback into the amplifier power section, as explained at the bottom of the equipment page. High impedance works much like the configuation of car speakers - very little current is allowed into the source because there is no compensation for how LOUD it is. So you HAVE TO KNOW your systems integration. That's us. We work at that. We think it's odd that so many other people don't consider that to be a more formal kind of work. So, if its a hobby then why not say so and allow customers to get the benefits of serious long term hobbyists.
Low impedance into low impedance
High impedance into low impedance Hard to tell? Please note that the difference may seem VERY small on a computer speaker system.

But if that difference means nothing to you, you may not want to contract before recording in a major studio or a Rodeo Drive vintage equipment store.
Ref: 2005 GreaSlutz.

I represent myself and my one busy partner who owns extensive professional digital A/V equipment that can complement my own vintage analog collection.

What it means to use Vintage speakers, microphones, tube and solid state to record

   What it means to use Vintage speakers, microphones, tube and solid state to record
Drums are so loud they damage sensitive microphones. We send out tape to add any drum tracks. (or use virtual drums) We mix surround with IHF bass on half the tracks sending to rear surround, sub-bass and center. (4 of the 6) This allows stereo mixing in to a front pair of speakers, with a stereo image not found in digital mixing. The tape movie studio standard is the American standard for good souhd because it allows more information than digital for initial capture of the signal for later compression and filtering. This we think is oven overdone. It give a 'finished' sound but also a flat thin good for TV not very dynamic and put you to sleep kind of monotone monolevel monoimage monomicrophone one voice one paycheck soundtrack. We don't have those financial constraints and we don't waste business funds on overpriced strange sounding gizmos with exotic names and 'mojo' reputations. We hear just fine for ourselves, and so should you. Reading about audio is a hobby in itself, and everyone can participate. Why wouldn't you want to and learn what you cant always discern by your ears alone?

After designing JBL recone kits I have found customers are still buying speaker parts designed by the product managers circa 1940's, who, like some kind of CHAK the rain God, were not clear about what frequency profile the various parts they had were intended for. Differneces in diameters and magnet weights, but no other product features to sell. Today we can upgrade speakers made since the low watt 60's with engineering polymers and glue free inspection ready assembly parts. This easy removal of parts opens up the interchange ability and the customization combinational possibilities to make it rain great entertainment even if it's a highly humid day in a thatched roof jungle hut during a rainstorm under a waterfall. This water right planet should sound as good as it looks. Liquid. In your chest bass. Ulna nerve stimulating lead guitars. Rocks and Roll that happen. I am interested in improving speaker sound quality. We therefore work on weak sound or reducing minor part and glue costs as much as offering to the stars, our customers, a shop of the Gods JBL speaker upgrades.

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